‘Gotta Have It!’ Auction To Sell Michael Jackson Memorabilia

June 25th, 2009, will forever be marked as one of the saddest day in the international music industry, as this was day that, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away, leaving million of fans and the entire music industry in shock and utter pain. However, even after his death, the glory of MJ still lives on and in the last one year, there have been  numerous auctions, where in die hard Michael Jackson fans shelled out hundreds and thousands of dollars to possess the very things that were near and dear the pop superstar.

Now, a company specializing in collectibles and memorabilia, Gotta Have It! has announced yet another auction, that would include the collectibles from the collection of Michael Jackson. However, this auction would be slightly different than the others, as the co-owner of the company, Ed Kosinski, claims to have acquired the items from Michael Jackson himself. The Gotta Have It! auction will take place on October 6th 2010, and will continue till October 15th, 2010. This upcoming auction will feature a host of items owned and used by Michael Jackson, including a custom Swarovski crystal jacket and a pair of White Gloves, that were wore by the legend himself on cover of the album ‘Bad’. Also, the auction will be carrying MJ photos, as well as authentic music sheets.

As per Mr. Kosinski, Michael Jackson and him had traded collectible and memorabilia, as MJ was a huge fan of Our Gang, Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor among many others.


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