‘Crystal Dream’ Comes True

Every girl’s dream is to become a bride and every bride’s dream is to own a lavish wedding gown, a Crystal dream. A wedding gown is a token of marriage which stays with the bride for an entire lifetime, so it better be the best one if the marriage is not a sham.

Cosmina Englezian took the pains of creating this stunning wedding gown, a gown which can stir up the desire of getting married in any girl’s heart. Made from 40 yards of lace and embellished with 55,000 pearls and Swarovski Crystals it looks more like an ornament than a dress.

The Swiss accesorizată aggrandizes the embroidery and adds glitter to the wedding gown. Though there are myriads of crystals and pearls, but this dress is nowhere close to being gaudy and flashy. On the contrary, it exudes a class which speaks for itself and will definitely make you stand apart from the rest of the ‘bride’s crowd’.

Now comes the time for a shocking revelation, it is priced at a $40,800 and there is more to it, this dress weighs 12 kilograms! Girls, if this shocked you a little too much, let me assure you, this dress is completely worth it!


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